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Digital archive, Print issues + Digital issues. We look for creative, design, hybrid, interdisciplinary exploration, fresh dialogue and perspectives, nuanced works + projects + ideas. Drop us a line or pitch us [always open] with visuals, works, editorials, essays, writing, visual collections and documentations, stories, ideas, critical insights and projects for the digital archive here. Digital issues and print issues are centred around experimentation and exploration with one focus in mind. 

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Issue 002 lexis/axis [digital] just dropped, check it out here

Feature on FAYD. We look for explorations and interactions, design works and thinking, innovative hybrid and fresh takes or perspectives, conversations and dialogue, research and critical approaches, multidisciplinary, circular principles. Interviews, project features and thoughts, studio visits, takeovers. For individual features we are looking to hear from marginalised genders, traditionally underrepresented and/or historically excluded communities only. See form here if interested in a feature + for more details 

Feature See form here for more

Exhibition + collections + series. Visual explorations, interactions, documentations, creative embodiments, works, dialogue, series and bodies of work that intersects with environments. See all open calls for exhibitions below

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See previous exhibition feral neighbourhoods, 04.03.22-15.04.22
[neither native nor wild, feral ecologies are ecological worlds created when nonhuman life becomes tangled with human structures in unintended and unanticipated ways]

Projects. Truth or Dare, the game awaits. Will you document your own “truth” and experience of a well-known space or do you “dare” to present a more private, lesser-known side to your urban environment?

Truth or Dare Closed for submissions. Enter Truth or Dare here
Join an explorative game to visually detail your urban environments. participants create works across 3 stages [still life, words, motion], informing and reflecting. How can the same space evoke different emotions and be host to different experiences? Truth or Dare is an interconnected chain of thought.

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