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Feral Neighbourhoods 

04.03.22-15.04.22, archives. Beyond documenting instances of ferality, each work explores how feral ecologies resonate beyond their exisiting spheres - generating new flows between human and non-human life, shaping the ways communities engage with non-human species and each other. 

Contributors rocío ricagno, mateo vargas, ella khafaji, khairullah rahim + angela guo, charly monreal pizarro, nine yamamoto-masson, katherine kennedy, megan kennedy, sarah crofts, maria villanueva, paulina fi garduño, barney pau, dayna leavitt + meredith starr, adelaide theriault, vega brennan, henry haoyu wang

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(Nature in) Lockdown 

04.06.21-02.07.21, archives. Nature as a space or channel for care, care in nature, care through nature, care of nature. how periods of lockdown focused attention towards textures and ryhthms of nature and humanity in nature, especially those that had previously gone unnoticed.

Contributors emerald liu, kristina sheufelt, brenna tuel, helen booth, sarah pedlow, maryna shtanko, laura mychal, alice garik, tara leaver
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29.01.21-19.02.21, archives. City spaces as interwoven, as spaces of contestation, survival, identity and change, a layered look at relationships to city spaces in the present and imagined, how we suffuse with cities. 

Contributors christine sloan stoddard, tamara lawrence, serena piccoli, d.r. humble, carolina magis weinberg, naz başaran, greta saffer, caroline mcaleer, taylor miller, krista gurcka, warda saif, lena farrugia, erika nina suárez, sophie warrick, kira-rashida bölke, terese, eliza browning, wendy hess, laura jayne, tanya castro, elizabeth joy levinson, r. ruvinsky, nora blascsok, natalie marino, fran fernández arce, maia joy, sophie haxworth, veer, salam adejoke, fokkina mcdonnell, uditi singh, noeme grace c. tabor farjani

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