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Gallery OREDGIN Gallery OREDGIN  Gallery OREDGIN 

By Kavyaa Suryaa (REDGRITS)
Languages change, contact, spread, survival, presence
Gallery OREDGIN began out of a simple curiosity of space, and our increasing likelihood of travelling there soon, specifically to Mars. What would art mean within the context of space or on another planet? How would distance, time and variating environmental properties affect art and the way we engage and perceive it? What is the significance of bringing art from Earth to Mars?

Gallery OREDGIN is of meaningful significance to contemporary architecture, as well as the realm of technology - it involves the conceptualization of architectural structures dedicating to housing art in other Planets, especially considering the increasing current possibilities of space travel - where the architectural pieces can also exist as a sculptural art piece in itself due its juxtaposing nature in the landscape of a new geographical context: Mars.

In placing these structures on a different scale, Gallery OREDGIN opens up new pathways, triggers and questions about architectural perception, reinvention and existence. 

what does math feel like? what does math feel like? 

what does math feel like?
By Emma Května

Emma Května is a Canadian writer and poet with Czech roots, currently living in Nova Scotia on the traditional unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq Nation.
Languages English

crunchy    pointy
a perfect parallel park
when you pour a soda
and the foam fizzes to exactly
the rim of the glass

    your body-mind houses
a mycelium network that
i would need to be you to experience
    while i’m an ever-expanding
universe that you’ll only ever
be parallel to

    words snake from me
to you like an
ouroboros eating
its own tail     rules
grammar definitions

to describe things
not made of words

these words meet
with the tubular
smack of a rolled-up

killing flies

if only we could talk in
emotions    sensations

if only the ache in my gut
could empty your lungs
then perhaps you’d understand something
about me
after reading The Kekulé Problem by Cormac McCarthy and Why Poetry Is Difficult by Bianca Lech
there’s a possibility that language
is getting in the way
of what i’m trying
to say

Verbuchstabieren Trilogy Verbuchstabieren Trilogy 

Verbuchstabieren Trilogy
By ZHOU Yinglin
Languages Esperanto, German, Chinese, English
Verbuchstabieren Trilogy is a film series about words, languages and intercultural issues. 

Verbuchstabieren is a concept built by the artist that examines linguistics, cultural power in intercultural communication and the passivity of non-dominant cultures. It looks at how an Asian female loses continuity of cultural identity in the process of East-West cultural exchange, first at the linguistic and textual level, and then at the cultural and philosophical level. The three films reflect on lingering cultural hegemonies of globalisation and geopolitical injustices. 

The artist uses 3D technology to construct a virtual world. “Mondo”, the Esperanto for world, a utopia inhabited by “citizens of the world”. To enter, one must accept Mondo’s demands, sacrificing all linguistic and literal cultural DNA. 

II Verbuchstabieren (2019)
III Unknown Connection Line (2020)




Mother Tongue Mother Tongue Mother Tongue 

Mother Tongue
By Aseel AlYaqoub

Aseel AlYaqoub (b. 1986, Kuwait) is a research-based and multi-disciplinary artist working across history, political science and cultural sociology.
Languages 71 (from Afrikaans to Zulu), English (first language), Arabic (mother tongue)
“What the eye is to the lover – that particular, ordinary eye he or she is born with – language – whatever language history has made his or her mother-tongue – is to the patriot. Through that language, encountered at mother’s knee and parted with only at the grave, pasts are restored, fellowships are imagined, and futures dreamed” – Benedict Anderson, Imagined Communities.

Language is such a pervasive component of our everyday lives that we often tend to forget the complex power dynamics embedded in humans’ engagements with language. But what is the relationship between language and social status? Why are specific languages considered to be better and more prestigious than others? What were the implications of colonization for the indigenous languages of the populations that experienced colonial domination? Finally, what is the role of English in today’s globalized and digital world?

Mother Tongue visually represents population and language statistics in a three-dimensional form. The nation’s population determined the height and structure of the sculpture, and shared languages defined their topographic grouping. Countries are interconnected to highlight the role of linguistic ideologies in the colonial enterprise, the historical production of standard languages and the construction of hegemonic power. In parallel, this statement was translated into 71 languages on Google Translate to underline its limitations and contrast its language choices within the context of the world. This English statement was omitted from the presentation to counter and restructure the hierarchal arrangement of language.

Plena Rondo Plena Rondo Plena Rondo Plena Rondo  

Plena Rondo
By anti-cool

“Every culture on the earth has at least one feature that is special and unique to itself.” Anti-cool cites her work as a vehicle that invites the viewer to develop new understandings of peoples’ identities, beliefs and systems.
Languages Esperanto
"Plena Rondo" follows an artist on a sixty-day experiment to master the world’s easiest and most egalitarian language, Esperanto, using only free learning tools. Subsequently the experiment takes us on a journey from Japan to Buenos Aires on an exploration of the political, philosophical and personal beliefs of many of the people at the heart of this social/ linguistic movement. On this journey, we discover how English becomes the international language and the process of how languages die out. The film leaves us with questions regards the place and power of language in our globalised world.

Explore Plena Rondo here



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