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lexis/axis. Open call for Issue 002 [digital]. 

    Language is a tool which determines thought, entrenches meaning and consciously controls. The meanings of language present themselves differently across modalities of individual and collective experience, through language contact and language acquisition. Geographical currents and fixed locations converse through language and, in equal measure, can be lost through language. Language acts as a barrier to integration, bureaucracy arms itself with language as a weapon to marginalise and demoralise. Oral knowledge and cognitive presence operate fluidly, shaping the landscape and allowing the landscape to shape them. In translation, in generations, in expression - language is directly and indirectly spread. Through shifting methods in the ways we conceive and perceive languages, we map and remap environmental markers. Yet, without a semantic and pragmatic element to language, it would lose all meaning.

    How does conveying through language change when landscapes visibly change? Which currents charge through and weave within landscapes, emerging in language choice and expression? Which fixed locations embody collective experience through meaning and subsequently determine the presence of language? Where do languages expand and where do they contract? Is oral knowledge consciously shaping our landscapes? How instrumental is language in shaping what we mean and how we say it? How do the curves and lines of written language map what we seek out and approach around us? Where is the disconnect? How do landscapes traverse language and how does language traverse landscapes?

    We invite you to document + send us your works, ideas and contributions.

            Works submitted for this open call must integrate linguistics as a basis, whether this be through the research, design, materiality or ideating of the work. Work must relate to, be derived from or fuse with linguistics. [linguistics: the study of language including lexis, phonology, semantics, function, contact, cognition, acquisition, influence, spread, presence, loss, change, survival]

            Works can be in any language, we would especially like to see works which incorporate more than one. It is optional to provide a translation with your work. Languages, where included, can be in any written or visual form or medium, but should not be graphic or discriminatory in nature.  

            We are open to all mediums that can be presented digitally, and are especially interested in comprehensive, unexplored, visually compelling, unique, innovative and fresh works.

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