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Issue 001 balance [digital]

Exploring the notion of balance in existing micro- and macro- environments, a fusion of chemigrams, visual collections, words, designs from waste and virtual realities. Balance is ambiguous, delicate and interconnected. Balance is interwoven into each element within an environment and yet is sometimes absent. balance is not synonymous with harmony, where there is balance there is instability. Issue 001 explores a single question, is balance tangible or intangible?

Contributors audrey rangel aguirre, mara magyarosi-laytner, olivia howick, lara atallah, martha gray, maija haavisto, ashley hajimirsadeghi, cláudia salgueiro, lila, angela bai, maika dieterich + deniz tütüncübasi, rachel atakpa, tara kraft

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Issue 002 lexis/axis [digital]

Language is a tool which determines thought, entrenches meaning and consciously controls. Geographical currents and fixed locations converse through language and, in equal measure, can be lost through language. Oral knowledge and cognitive presence operate fluidly, shaping the landscape and allowing the landscape to shape them. Through shifting methods in the ways we conceive and perceive languages, we map and remap environmental markers. Yet, without a semantic and pragmatic element to language, it would lose all meaning How do landscapes traverse language and how does language traverse landscapes?

Contributors kavyaa suryaa (REDGRITS), Emma Května, ZHOU Yinglin, Aseel AlYaqoub, anti-cool, Aathma Dious, Chiemi Shimada, Rosina Lui, Katie Ione Craney,Jana Charl, Valentina Ferrandes, Lucas Wozniak + Henry Wang, Fiction Group

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