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Allison Ko


"I created this piece in response to inhabiting a unique place while undertaking this project. Calais, I learned firsthand, was such a place of incoming movement and limbo as people wait to cross to the UK. I think it’s such an important land marking in our geopolitical migrant crisis and yet we can see firsthand how, in fringing, the West attempts to obscure and create a culture of fear in the attempt to alleviate responsibility.

- what draws people to urbanity / the spatial arrangement of urban spaces in who is seen / not seen (attempts to conceal ~ the city as a place of transit / and in stagnancy that slowdown of movement: collection and obscuration

- urban environment very non-associated with life; sits as purely functional

- process: took a walk around the district; aware of the outside / outside aspect of it (very mysterious, space taking and spread)

- the vastness yet hiddenness / people assuming integration into our minds understandings that its just a part of life (but at the same time we don’t have to see; tucked away chugging away)

- the association of this type of environment and putting it on humans; humans as cargo / where it is in the process of dehumanisation.”

CREDITS @koallxson
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