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A winding path lies ahead

Open… In wait, for a choice to be made

Distant fields are calling

Are they greener?

They’re tempting

So very tempting

They breath a life that’s been missing

Yes. Here walls are crumbling

Fences weakened, thorns are out

Yet those walls are still standing

Built on solid foundations

After all the years

Strength gained through adversity

Fixable? Definitely

Easy enough with time and real care

Overhead Scarlet skies

Fraught with the Ian this all may cause

Grey with tears yet to fall

A choice based on time

Red sky at night

Or red sky at dawn

What say you Shepherd

Your folly or scorn. 

“My initial inspiration was the painting from day 1. When I looked at it, I saw what I wanted to see. In life that's the way of the world. We see what we want to see. We're fundamentally programmed to want more all the time, to not be happy or content with our lot and to not only wonder, but to expect the grass to be greener elsewhere. This was the truth part. The dare was admitting to it. And being left with a feeling of guilt for thinking that way. My process is the same for most writers, write, read, rewrite, change, read, and again and again and again. So many drafts until it's where it is, where the sentiment is out. It's like an artist with a painting, it's never finished. I feel the same with writing, I could always change it, depending on the mood of the moment.” 

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