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Erika Cann

(Still life) (Words)

The peak of the hill

Channeling the flow

Glinting off the granitic surface

Down and down

Into the depths of the city

Grate as gateway

No slow soaking into the soils

Hurtling down streamlined pipes of PVC

A gateway for us to listen to the land

Ear to the ground

Pressed against the metal grid

Can you hear the underground histories

From the bedrock, fossilising secrets

Listen to the systems below the surface

Flowing and bubbling

Churning and gargling stories of the deep past

Emerging and erupting

Magma in our imaginations

The volcano runs deep below the city

Waiting in dormancy…

"I wanted to explore nature in the city - hidden secrets and deep time pasts of the urban environment. Searching for clues, I uncovered a story of the site of an old volcanic plug right in the middle of the city. I could see many of the processes of a volcano within the city today - the flow of mud in the park created by heavy footfall, the steaming vents of nearby restaurants, and the rumbling of the trains in the station below the park.

I chose 'dare' because I wanted to present this comparison back to the city - what marks will we leave on the land that follows? And how do these layered histories create a sense of place in the urban environment as we know it today?"

CREDITS @erikac_art
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