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Farida Rady


“In Stage 3: Motion, I was responding to Catherine Brennan’s poem, which to me invoked ideas of escape, choices, paths, and potentialities. I had also looked at Maura’s incredible painting, to have a better sense of how the three of us were responding to one another. I felt that Catherine’s poem was a dare in itself, and so I chose to go with Dare.

Looking through my video archives of the last few years, I was thinking a lot about the city of my birth, Cairo, and the fragmented moments of possibility presented within it. I found myself thinking of windows and frames, ways of seeing the city through something, a way to mediate it.

I was also thinking about the city I grew up in, Abu Dhabi, in the context of mobility and movement and paths. I feel curious about movement in Abu Dhabi - flows of labor and capital present themselves in unique ways in the city. Abu Dhabi and its residents are transient; the city is constantly transforming into something new, but traces of what was can be revealed to the keen eye.

I selected four videos on this basis, the first and third video I shared were taken in Cairo, and the second and fourth video I shared were taken in Abu Dhabi. I found this experience unique and exciting; I’m always interested in collaborations but they usually occur with friends or acquaintances, so to collaborate so intentionally with strangers was new to me.” 

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