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land scope


TEXT Maryam Arshad
land scope by Henry Haoyu Wang
Guapamacátaro, Michoacan, Mexico

land scope sits between the physical and the modelled. The 9-image grid that flashes before you is a combination of the two, rendering the ability to distinguish between them almost impossible. land scope envisions the ferality of the surroundings within Guapamacátaro. Flashes of soil, stone, leaf, feathers and animal waste that the artist has generated.

In both visualisations, the materials are collected and generated, yet the end result wields a notable difference. Without this insight into the method of collection and creation, how do we identify between environmental materials and imagined materials?

Datasets, modelled using AI, build on existing inputs and outputs. They are streams of their own conscious systems. As these images are taken, heightened through the use of a 1230 electron microscope, the machine system who is fed them, absorbs and learns. Machines contrast elements of ferality. They focus on consequences and interconnected chains. land scope plays with this idea as the images play. It possesses the ability to challenge and simultaneously demonstrate the multifaceted surfaces of data models.

Ecological materials, documented as they are here, create a new landscape. A landscape of Guapamacátaro that is intricately shaped, both by the hands of the artist and the boundaries of AI. The physical land, the condition and the materials it encompasses, the behaviour and its experiences captured at a microscopic level. Documenting the landscape and its materials through this hybrid methodology extends its capability to inform. It is able to guide, as AI models do, and manifest, as ecology does. Land can be moulded, it can adapt. With growth, there is also eradication.

Are material movements and ecological connections lost through a model in its limited abilities?

Are new systems forged from learning that is generative in nature?

land scope is perceived and imperceptible. We become part of the AI, inputting and outputting, expecting and seeing, remembering and learning.

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